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Voice of Light

Voice of Light


I was very grateful and honoured that you had asked me to make this flute for you.  Your intention and inspiration that we spoke of in St Ives along with what you wrote me was very powerful and has great meaning.  In choosing the cane for this flute I laid out 6 different pieces that all initially felt right.  As I stood and looked at them there was one piece that stood out so strongly to me and I knew this would be the one.  There was a patterning on it I had never seen before and I believe that it is made from a vine that was once growing up this bamboo.  The wild sea and horses are part of your inspiration in life and for this flute and the markings immediately reminded me of both.  Creating her was such a joy and from her very first words she was singing with light and beauty.  There is also depth and power that will carry your songs with clarity to infinity.  As I began to tune her I was thinking about your intention of Share my Voice and how that was connected to the voices of our female ancestors who were not heard and acknowledged for so long. The direction holes in this flute not only represent your songs traveling to the 4 sacred directions but also the stars and through those stars we gain direction within ourselves and throughout life.  The voices of all of us are always heard and listened to by the Universe though often the ones who really need to hear their message are not listening. Your connection with these women and their voices is in itself a connection with the Universe that these stars represent.  I am sure that you will share your voice with many and through that sharing there will be much healing.  In honour of that I have named this flute Voice of Light.  May the songs of your heart shine brightly upon all those hear them and find guidance along their journey as this light shines around them. 


 She is in the key of A tuned to 432Hz and is made of natural bamboo. I use a combination of burning, sanding and polishing which gives each of these flutes a wonderful smooth finish and unique colour pattern. The totem which is of Black Locust is held in place with braided vegan friendly cord. The red lashing is of waxed cotton whipping cord and the natural colour lashing at each end is artificial sinew. The feathers were gifted to me earlier this summer and are from a female Peacock also known as a Pea



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Voice of Light

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