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Sacred Winds

Sacred Winds


Over the past few days while crafting flutes at a secluded cabin in upstate New York, the winds has been a constant companion. Their voices can be heard sometimes whistling through the windows or whipping through tall conifers outside. These trees dance about with their invisible partners as does the snow at times when it spins around in a beautiful spiral. These winds carry many messages and are sacred always even when we don’t acknowledge them. They have incredible power and flow with ease all around us. This flute is a celebration of the that power and I have named her Sacred Winds

The four large direction holes will send her songs our in every direction to be carried to infinity.


She is in the key of A4 at 432Hz and is 50cm (19 1/2”). She is made of black bamboo and I use a combination of burning, sanding and polishing which gives each of these flutes a wonderful smooth finish and unique colour pattern. The Totem is made from Locust which has been collected in the forest by my father to make his own beautiful objects. It is held in place with leather leather lace from North American Whitetail Deer hide. Finger hole #4 is also covered with the same lace. This can be removed or replaced at any time to change this flute between a 5 hole and 6 hole configuration.The blue lashing is of waxed cotton whipping cord and the natural colour lashing is artificial sinew.


Find the music within yourself!

Sacred Winds

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