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Peace and Kindness

Peace and Kindness


This flute is the 2nd that I made over a period while I was fasting. This is a practice I do each month to cleanse my body, mind and spirit. After a difficult first day and a half I suddenly felt so calm inside. This feeling encompassed my entire being and continued for the rest of my fast. This flute has that calmness within her. These feeling and emotions were my  inspiration for this flute and my intent is that she will bring forth a calmness to all those who listen to her when she sings. It was a complete joy to create her and I have named her Peace and Kindness. 


She is in the key of C5 at 432Hz and is 38cm (15”). She is made of natural colour bamboo. I use a combination of burning, sanding and polishing and oiling which gives each of these flutes their smooth finish. She has 5 finger holes and is tuned to a pentatonic minor scale. The lacing around the permanent block is wound with artificial sinew and leather cord. The lashing around each end is wound with artificial sinew.


Find the music within yourself!

Peace and Kindness

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