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New Beginnings

New Beginnings


The inspiration for this flute came over the time of the Winter Solstice of 2020. It has been a strange year for so many of us. For me the main message I received during this Solstice was that as the days begin to lengthen and the suns rays grow stronger so does possibility of new beginnings. For each of us this will mean something different and will be related to how we live our lives. The vision of this message was about 

trying to do things differently or from a different perspective. New beginnings could be a whole new way of living life or maybe just simply starting each day as if it is the best day of our lives. There are endless possibilities and as I was creating this flute I was envisioning what that meant for me as well as how this could be felt by the whole of this World and Universe. It was an amazing experience filled with joy and hope. As this flute began to sing there was a freshness in her voice and It is my hope that all who play and hear songs she sings may be inspired to start something new and to be inspired by this amazing life that is a gift to each of us. In honour being inspired everyday I name this flute New Beginnings.


She is in the key of G4 at 432Hz and is 54cm (21 1/4”). She is made of black bamboo. I use a combination of burning, sanding and polishing which gives each of these flutes a wonderful smooth finish and unique colour pattern. She has 5  finger holes and is tuned to a pentatonic minor scale.The Totem is made from Walnut which has been collected in the forest by my father to make his own beautiful objects. It is held in place with leather lace from North American Whitetail Deer hide. The red and blue lashing is of waxed cotton whipping cord and the natural colour lashing at either end is artificial sinew. The stone inlays are of turquoise. The feathers are tied on with leather cord and they are from Crow and Red Kite and as always were found while I am walking with Mother Nature of gifted to me by friends.


Find the music within yourself!

New Beginnings

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