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Honey Bee


This inspiration for this flute came from an amazing experience I had with honey bees. A local bee keeper here in the UK who uses very ancient techniques has built a meditation room over some of his hives where it is possible to breath the pure air they produce as well as hear and feel the powerful collective vibration they create. The journey and time I had with both Chris Park, the bee keeper and the amazing beings he looks after was unforgettable. I learned so much that day and my connection with all kinds of bees grew much deeper. Their healing power is so strong in so many different ways and their importance to life here on Mother Earth is profound. Our ancestors carried this knowledge over millennia and they took great care to nurture the survival of these magnificent ones in gratitude for all that they provide. And so, they not only are a part of this World but also part of the Spirit World that is always within us. I collected the Hazel wood for this flute from Ebbor Gorge in Somerset, U.K. This is a place where our Neanderthal ancestors lived some 40,000 years ago and they most certainly were living in harmony with bees and crafting flutes from this same wood as it is plentiful and easily worked with stone tools. The colours of the stone inlays and twine on this flute where very much a part of my own journey I had with the bees. What I saw was that each colour would shine very brightly in a different realm of the Spirit World. Red Jasper for the the Lower World, green Malachite for the Middle World and blue Turquoise for the Upper World. I also saw the importance of these colours in relation to the Bees in this world. Blue is the sky. This is the realm of their journey as they fly. Green is the Earth. This is the place of flowers where they not only collect the precious nectar and pollen for the entire colony but also pollenate these flowers to ensure their survival. Red is the Hive. The place where magic happens and bees create Life, Medicine and pure Air. My journey while creating this flute was inspired by these amazing beings and the beautiful connection they have had with us humans for so many thousands of years. My intent for this flute is that she will sings songs of community and healing that will be felt by all who play and hear the songs as they journey to infinity.


She is in the key of G tuned to 432Hz and is 56cm (22”).  She is made of Hazel that I foraged from Ebbor Gorge in Somerset. I use a combination of burning, sanding and polishing which gives each of these flutes a wonderful smooth finish and unique colour pattern. The block which is made of Wanlut that my Dad collected in America is held in place with leather lace from North American Whitetail Deer hide and has eyes of Turqoise. The stone inlays are of Jasper, Malachite and Turqoise. The lashing at each end is artificial sinew and blue, green and red waxed twine. The feathers are of Buzzard, Magpie and Barn Owl which as always were found while I am walking with Mother Nature or gifted to me by friends.


Find the music within yourself


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