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Forest Awakening

Forest Awakening


All around me there are signs everywhere that Spring is coming. As I walk in the forest, in the calm stillness I listen to the rocks and trees and feel their wisdom. They are all filled with so much energy as the light from the Sun grows stronger each day. With this light the sleeping forest is slowing leaving the dream world and coming once again to shine and blossom. My inspiration for this flute is this special moment. As I was crafting her, often after walking in the nearby forest I could smell the sweetness of Spring in the air. This flute has a warm deep tone that reminds me of large Beech trees swaying gracefully in the breeze. Soon they will have their leaves and the feeling of the forest will change again. For now though I await with anticipation for the new life that will soon be all around me. With that joy in my heart I have named this flute Forest Awakening. My intention for her is that her songs will call to the forest in every season and help all those who hear them to shine with the warmth and colour of Spring.


  She is in the key of E4 at 432Hz and is 61 (24”). She is made of black bamboo and I use a combination of burning, sanding and polishing which gives each of these flutes a wonderful smooth finish and unique colour pattern. The stone setting in the body is of Malachite to represent the coming awakening of the green forest. She has 5 finger holes and is tuned to a pentatonic minor scale.The Totem is made from Walnut and has eyes of Malachite as well. The wood was collected in the forests of the Eastern United States by my father to make his own beautiful objects. It is held in place with leather lace from North American Whitetail Deer hide. The mouthpiece is made from Hawthorne that I collected from the forest here in the UK. The natural colour lashing at either end is artificial sinew. The feathers are tied on with leather cord and they are from Barn Owl which as always were found while I am out with Mother Nature. 


Find the music within yourself!


Forest Awakening

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