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Dancing Light

Dancing Light


There is a very special place that I sometimes go to during my deepest meditations. This flute was inspired by a visit to that place on the morning of her creation. It is a place where all of my senses change and how I perceive everything there is far more intense. Everything is felt internally and nothing is experienced externally with the exception of vision, in very limited way. I see energy, the colour, shape and movement of that energy as it swirls around me and through me. My body is not present but my I am. I feel everything with so much clarity and intensity. Taste, touch, smell, vision, hearing, and most incredibly a connection with everything and all that is. Its not very often that I experience this place and the beauty and connection experienced there is beyond words. This is the inspiration of this flute and I have named her Dancing Light.


She is in the key of A4 at 432Hz and is 43cm (17”) . She is made of black bamboo and I use a combination of burning, sanding and polishing which gives each of these flutes a wonderful smooth finish and unique colour pattern. The Totem is made from Locust which has been collected in the forest by my father to make his own beautiful objects. It is held in place with cord made from cow hide.The red lashing is of waxed cotton whipping cord and the natural colour lashing is artificial sinew.


Find the music within yourself!

Dancing Light

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