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Blue Sky through Pines

Blue Sky through Pines


This flute came from the forest and was completely unexpected. I was walking in the forest near to where I am living in Checkendon. I sat down in a small pine grove to listen to what this forest was saying and to look at the sky. My favourite colour blue has always been that of the sky when looking up through pines. I can fly away for hours in that beautiful colour. As I was gazing and listening I started thinking about the flute I was going to make today. In front of me there was a pine that had fallen at least last year. I got up and walked over to have a closer look. This tree was beautiful and I knew right away that I wanted to try and make a flute from this wood. I had never worked with this type of pine before but it felt so right. The plan was to make the flute in the old ways. Completely by hand. I started crafting her on the same day and just let wood guide me. I kept thinking back to the beautiful blue sky above me when I was shone this tree from the forest and the sweet smell of pine and Blue Bells. From her first carving to her first song she was a complete joy to create. Her voice is so rich and warm. In honour of the amazing forest from where this flute came and the beautiful day I discoverer her I name this flute Blue Sky through Pines



She is in the key of F#4 at 432Hz and is 66cm (26”) and is made of Douglas Fir that I foraged in Checkendon, U.K. She has 6 finger holes and is tuned to a pentatonic minor scale.The Totem is made from Cherry which has been collected in the forest by my father to make his own beautiful objects. It is held in place with leather lace. Finger hole #4 is also covered with the same lace. This can be slid up and down at any time to change this flute between a 5 hole and 6 hole configuration. There are inlays of natural Turquoise on the the flute body as well as the Totem.The natural colour lashing at either end is artificial sinew.The feathers are tied on with leather cord and they are from Barn Owl and Red Kite which as always were found while I am walking with Mother Nature.


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Blue Sky through Pines

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