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Winter Sun Shining

Winter Sun Shining

This winter I am living and making flutes at a cabin in upstate New York. I am next to a lake which is now frozen over and the beauty and power of Mother Earth is all around me. This is the first flute of 2019 and she was a joy to craft. There is light dusting of snow on the ground and today the sun is shining brightly. My intention and inspiration for this flute came just before I started work on her. I stepped outside and stood beneath 3 large oak trees and looked out over the frozen landscape. I then closed my eyes and asked for guidance from the ancestors for this flute and all that will be created in the year to come. I remained quiet and present and felt the world around me with all my senses. I could hear crows talking in the distance and smell the towering pines around me. A crisp cold breeze was sharp but refreshing as it kissed my cheeks and the taste of snow was on my tongue. With my eyes closed I could see that which lives in my imagination. When I opened them slowly everything was sparkling like diamonds. This scene was so incredibly beautiful as sunlight danced upon every snowflake around me. This vision stayed with me for every moment while I created this flute and her name is Winter Sunshine.


She is in the key of F tuned to 432Hz and is 53cm (21”).  She is made of black bamboo and I use a combination of burning, sanding and polishing which gives each of these flutes a wonderful smooth finish and unique colour pattern. The lacing around the permanent block is wound with artificial sinew and leather cord. The lashing around each end is of artificial sinew.



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Winter Sun Shining

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