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Animal Spirits Guiding

Animal Spirits Guiding


This flute, the first of 2021 is on honour of our 4 legged friends both here in this world and also those of the Spirit World. It is so wonderful to feel the connection with all animals that are close to us both emotionally and physically each day. Some seen. Some unseen. I currently live on a farm where there are horses and I see their companions come each day, twice a day to spend time with them and care for them. As I was holding this piece of wood getting ready to start making this flute with my dog at my side, some of the horses were being led to the pasture for the day. It was so moving to see the love and joy the shared between the people and these beautiful beings. My dog and I looked at each other with that same love and I knew from then what the inspiration for this flute was to be. All the animals that live here with Mother Earth bring such incredible wisdom that we can so easily learn if we just take to time to honour and listen to what they are telling and showing us. For the people that follow the Shamanic teachings of our ancestors there is a parallel path of understanding and guidance that comes from the Spirits of our 4 legged friends that is just as powerful and meaningful. My intention for this flute is that he will help all those who hear his songs, both animals and humans to come closer together. To help us understand each other and learn from one another so that we may all live in harmony and balance with Mother Earth. I name this flute Animal Spirits Guiding in honour of all they can teach us.


He is in the key of F#4 at 432Hz and is 62cm (24.5”) He is made of American Angelica that that was growing in Somerset, U.K. This flute has 6 finger holes and is tuned to a pentatonic minor scale.The Totem is made from Walnut which has been collected in the forest by my father to make his own beautiful objects. It is held in place with leather lace from North American White Tail Deer. Finger hole #4 is also covered with the same lace. This can be slid up and down at any time to change this flute between a 5 hole and 6 hole configuration. There are inlays of natural Turquoise and Red Jasper on the the flute body as well as the Totem.The natural colour lashing at either end is artificial sinew and the red and blue lashing on the flute body is whipping twine. The feathers are tied on with leather cord and they are from Barn Owl and Buzzard which as always were found while I am walking with Mother Nature or gifted to me by friends.


Find the music within yourself!

Animal Spirits Guiding

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