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Shining Fox Creations

Native American style flutes created with

intent and inspiration from Mother Earth

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Please follow link below for more information on flutes currently available and custom orders

Flute making workshops
run throughout the year. Please follow link below for more information
My Story

My Story

Rikk Smith


Music joined me on my path through life at an early age with piano and drums and is still very much with me today. It was in the 1990’s when my journey with the Native American flute began. I was living in California at the time and a very good friend of mine was a Native American Story teller and flute player. He lived on the Navaho Nation reservation in Arizona with his wife and children and it was from him that I first learned to play and make these wonderful instruments. I still have and often play the first flute we ever made together. I continue to make flutes in much the same way as I did then, using simple hand tools and fire just as our ancestors have done for at least 40,000 years and I hope that the flutes I create sound familiar to them. Currently I spend much of my time creating these beautiful instruments as well as giving workshops on how to make and play them. I often have a flute with me when I am out in nature and will always play to what  inspires me  in that moment for that moment from my heart. And so my journey continues with music as my constant companion, teacher and communicator throughout this remarkable life. 


Flutes for sale and Custom Orders

Flutes for sale

If I have any flutes available I will list them in the Online Shop. Most of time I am creating flutes by commission but I will always find time to make flutes for the shop. If there are none available at the moment there will be very soon.

Custom Orders

If you are interested in having a flute custom made and would like to find out a bit more about my creative process with all the flutes I make please feel free to read "My Journey of Crafting Flutes" below and send me a message via the Contacts Page.

My Journey of Crafting Flutes

Here are some of the flutes I have custom made for people. (Click on image for info and to enlarge)

Native American Flutes
Triple Drone Native American Flute
Native American Flute

My journey of crafting flutes always begins with inspiration and it was my teacher of who showed me how important it is to look at life this way. Before I begin making a flute I just look around me with all my senses and there will always be something in the natural world that will stand out and fill me with joy. There is beauty everywhere.  We just have to “see”. This  beauty is my inspiration and will be a big part of the creation story of the flute. While I am working, which for me is a very meditative and relaxing process I am feeling and learning from that beauty which initially inspired me. I am also feeling and learning from the flute I am creating. They are all unique and have their own story of which I am only one part.  I name each flute I craft and this name comes from our shared journey of inspiration. 

Custom Flutes

When I am creating a custom flute for someone my process is exactly the same with the addition of hopefully learning something about what inspires the person the flute is for. I like to involve people right from the very beginning with a chat about some physical characteristics about the flute and most importantly their inspiration. That inspiration along with my own will then be woven into the creation story of the flute. It's amazing how often they actually sing with the voice of that which  inspired them.  I also really enjoy sharing  photos and recordings throughout the whole journey. Custom orders take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks at the moment. A general guide to the cost of the flutes I create is between £180 and £380. All flutes come with my written account their creation story and the inspiration shared along the way. They also come with beautiful cloth case so you can feel safe bringing your flute with you wherever you go and all the flutes I create come with a lifetime guarantee. 





Flute Making Workshops

Running flute making workshops is one of my favourite things to do and they take place throughout the year. Each workshop takes about 5 hours. You will be guided through the process of making your own bamboo or river cane Native American style flute flute by hand much in the same way I create my own flutes. I keep the groups small (max 5 people) so that each person can be given enough attention to successfully make a beautiful sounding, looking and feeling flute. It’s always a friendly informal atmosphere and anyone from the age of 10 to 110 will be able to create one. No special skills or materials are necessary.  Just the desire to create something special with your hands. The cost of the workshop is £120 per person. Please check the Events page to see if a workshop is being run in your area. If not then please get in touch through the Contact page if you are interested in joining a workshop with details of where you are in the world. This way I can know where to schedule upcoming events.

Hosting Workshops

Most of the workshops I run are done in peoples homes, usually on their kitchen table. I bring everything needed for the workshop except the kitchen table, chairs and tea and coffee making stuff although I can bring them as well if there is an empty space available. Since I keep the number of attendees small these workshops fill very quickly with people from the local area once advertised. I do ask that as a host you put the word out to friends and family and if possible share the event from my website and on social media if that is possible. If you are interested please get in touch through the Contact page.



For more information please visit the Workshops page. If you are interested in having me play at an event, ceremony, hand fasting, wedding etc. then please do get in touch via the contact page.

No upcoming events at the moment




Album Cover Final 2_edited.jpg

I am very proud to present my debut album of Native American flute music, Songs of the Heart. It was an incredible experience to make. From the very beginning of my journey with this instrument so many years ago the most important thing I ever learned was to always play from my heart. Still to this day, whenever I play a song, it is the voice of the emotions I am feeling at that moment as I am inspired by what is around me. With every song I feel more closely connected with everything everywhere and I am always giving thanks through the music for all that Mother Earth provides and teaches us. The songs come out of me as I feel them as they continue on their way to the stars. This project was about recording these special moments in life just as they happened. Each song for me is like a journey and I sometimes travel quite far when I am playing this music. It is my hope that in hearing this album the listener will feel a strong connection with Mother Earth and journey someplace within themselves that is filled with beauty. I also hope that these songs will inspire people to give thanks and respect in there own way to this beautiful planet of which we are just one part of. 

Flying with Dancing Ledge - Rikk Smith


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