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intent and inspiration from Mother Earth

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My Story

Rikk Smith

Music joined me on my path through life at an early age with piano and drums and is still very much with me today. It was in the 1990’s when my journey with the Native American flute began. I was living in California at the time and a very good friend of mine was a Native American Story teller and flute player. He lived on the Navaho Nation reservation in Arizona and it was from him that I first learned to play and make these wonderful instruments. I still have the first flute we ever made together. I currently spend much of my time creating  these beautiful instruments as well as giving workshops on how to make and play them. I often have a flute with me when I am out in nature and will always play the songs of my heart when I am inspired by what is around me.  And so my journey continues with music as my constant companion, teacher and communicator throughout this remarkable life. 



My process in creating these flutes always begins with inspiration. Before I begin I open my heart and all my senses. Each is born with her own story that comes from the natural world around me as well as my own inner journey. As I am crafting the flute, my focus is on that inspiration and when she is born and sings her first notes I can always feel it in her voice. As I go on to finish her I focus on an intent. It is my hope that she will carry this with her always on her journey to where ever she may go. I give a name to every flute that I create. That name is about my inspiration and intent for that flute. I also write an explanation about this so that others are able to know what her first story is. It is my hope that these flutes will go out into the world and help people to reconnect with themselves, each other and Mother Earth through the songs that they will sing. It is also my hope that this connection will not only be felt by the person who is playing them but also by those who are listening to the songs as they travel to infinity.



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I am very proud to present my debut album of Native American flute music, Songs of the Heart. It was an incredible experience to make. From the very beginning of my journey with this instrument so many years ago the most important thing I ever learned was to always play from my heart. Still to this day, whenever I play a song, it is the voice of the emotions I am feeling at that moment as I am inspired by what is around me. With every song I feel more closely connected with everything everywhere and I am always giving thanks through the music for all that Mother Earth provides and teaches us. The songs come out of me as I feel them as they continue on their way to the stars. This project was about recording these special moments in life just as they happened. Each song for me is like a journey and I sometimes travel quite far when I am playing this music. It is my hope that in hearing this album the listener will feel a strong connection with Mother Earth and journey someplace within themselves that is filled with beauty. I also hope that these songs will inspire people to give thanks and respect in there own way to this beautiful planet of which we are just one part of. 

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